FS: BC-796D, NRD-545 and SWL Equip

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After several years of pleasurable listening with my JRC NRD-545 and other items of quality SW and scanner equipment, I am reorienting my hobbies and have decided to part with most of my gear. Since the centerpiece of my SWL hobby was the NRD-545, I am giving it prominence in what I am selling. This post should appear in more than one Yahoo group, so please excuse me if you receive multiple copies. The "selling" door is open until 15 January 2011, at which time I will post the items for sale on E-Bay. I hope you will find the prices below reasonable. All items are in near new condition, no scratches, dings, breaks; from non-smoker. I can provide pictures on request for those genuinely interested. I am willing to split the shipping cost with any buyers, continental US only. I will accept PAYPAL as payment. Please contact me off-line. Thank you for your consideration.


JRC NRD-545 DSP Receiver SN:06456 $1500 ($1750 with NVA-319 Aux Speaker)
Pristine condition; original manual and color brochure. Also have Xerox copy of manual. Includes:
• CHE-199 Wide-band Converter Unit
• CGD-197 TCXO
• ST-3 Headphones

NVA-319 External speaker for NRD-545 $325
(if sold separately)

Universal M-8000 $200
Communications Terminal Includes Version 1.0 manual and installation instructions.

Version 2.01 Eprom: RTTY, ASCII, Packet, SITOR A/B, AUTOR, FEC-A, FEC-S, Multiple ARQs, FAX, SELCALS, others; capable of POCSAG and GOLAY.

Digital Decoding hardware/software from WAVECOM: http://www.wavecom.ch/default.htm
This is a computer card that requires an ISA slot. It is from the Windows 95-98/Me period. New computers will not have an ISA slot, and most no longer have the floppy drives required to load the software, but the software can be downloaded from the WAVECOM site at http://www.wavecom.ch/formerswdownload.htm
As signal analysis software, it is still top-of-the-line.
Includes full user manual; like new.

MFJ-1026 Noise and Interference Canceler $100

MFJ-1020c Active Antenna $50

Uniden BC-796D Scanner APCO-25 Digital Trunking Scanner $250

Hoka Code 3 Gold Pro (Professional) $150
Digital Decoding hardware/software from Hoka http://www.hoka.com/
This is a Windows 95/98, DOS version software that requires "real DOS."

Similar functions to WAVECOM W 41PC; first class signals analysis

See the features under "Old Products" at Hoka http://www.hoka.com/