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It sure had some funny limitations and i remember not being able to use it in any useful manner. If you had room you could do some double entries (I think) but there are so many TG's in our system that I could not program them all in the first place.

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If I recall correctly, Priority TG never worked right anyway.

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"When Priority Scan is turned on, the scanner checks the
conventional priority channels in the unlocked banks every 2
seconds or the priority ID's in trunked systems every 4
seconds between transmissions. If a signal is present on a
priority channel, the scanner switches to monitor that
transmission, even if it had been stopped on another channel.
One channel or talkgroup ID in each bank is designated as
the priority.
To turn on Priority Scan, repeatedly press PRI until the
scanner displays PRIORITY ON. To turn Priority Scan off,
repeatedly press PRI until the scanner displays PRIORITY
Note: If all priority channels in unlocked banks are locked
out, the scanner displays ERROR when you try to turn
on the priority scan mode.
Priority Plus Scanning
To scan only the priority channels in the unlocked banks,
while scanning repeatedly press PRI until the scanner
displays PRIORITY PLUS. To turn off Priority Plus, repeatedly
press PRI to select PRIORITY ON or PRIORITY OFF.
Note: Priority Plus only operates in the scan mode; not in the
hold or search mode."

I think what page 21 of the manual is saying and if I remember from when I
used to have the 296, is that you will always have one channel or TG that
is designated as priority; you can have more, but you can't remove it from
all of them. The only thing you can do is select whether the priority
function is enabled or disabled. So if you want to enable some priority
TG's and not others, then you would need to lock out the ones you do not
want active. I think I remember having some TG's programmed in twice so I
could lock out certain TG's that were labeled priority while using
priority scan, yet still have the TG active as a normal one instead of
losing it all together.

That was a mouthful and I hope it made sense.

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I've added priority to a couple of talk groups but I don't know how to
remove the priority.

I think I'm missing something?




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