I would be totally interested in this trade if you have not
heard from anyone yet. I am on vacation at the moment but will
be back next week and we can exchange information. Let me know.


---- dianerr55 <dianerr55@...> wrote:

Will trade a GRE PSR600 that I have (MINT) for an older UNIDEN
796D with the Digital card.

I also have a Uniden 996 Digital also, perfect condition will
sell or trade even up for a 796D Uniden. I like the Older
style scanners better.

I got the software for them both, as well as a Data Cable for
the GRE. Also have a Data Slicer used for Trunker I want
unload. nonsmoker- clean radios.

Nothing to trade?-Then 200.00 for GRE / 250.00 for the 996D.



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