Re: BC796d LCD Display Replacement

Dan Riley

I have three of these radios. All of the displays
work fine. You may have a cold or loose solder
joint on the display connectors. I see you are a
ham radio operator. If you have a soldering iron,
resolder all the connections being careful not to
damage the display unit. I've had to do this on
some of my other older scanners. If you live by
an ocean (like I do) the salt water may corrode the connections.

If that doesn't work, Uniden can fix the BC-796D
for around $60.00 plus shipping. Go to their
website and ask a question about your display.
These displays don't usually fail unless you have
a connection problem as described above.

Good luck!!!



At 11:22 AM 12/29/2011, you wrote:

Hi to the group,

My trusty 796d is beginning to show it's age I fear. The display
contrast has reduced to such a degree that it is almost unreadable with
any ambient light showing on it.

My question is if anyone has any info on if the contrast can be adjusted
or baring that if there is a resource for a new replacement display?

Any help would be appreciated.



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Dan Riley

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