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Hi Al,

Thanks for that however that was the first place I went with no joy...

The issue is with the contrast or darkness of the image or segments within the display, the backlight functions fine.

I'm hoping to find an adjustment within the radio that will allow me to raise the darkness/contrast as there is non afforded in the menu options. Otherwise I believe I will be needing to replace the display, not knowing if a replacement is even available.



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Don't know if you have the BC796D manual, or not. Check page 22 of the manual.<>

Hope that this helps..

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Hi to the group,

My trusty 796d is beginning to show it's age I fear. The display
contrast has reduced to such a degree that it is almost unreadable with
any ambient light showing on it.

My question is if anyone has any info on if the contrast can be adjusted
or baring that if there is a resource for a new replacement display?

Any help would be appreciated.




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