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R. Keske

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Yes it wont let me enter any freq.The bottom three buttons the .,0 and the
enter.It All the numbers work.--- In BC796D@..., "Mark Levine, D.C."
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I think I read the post to say the "0" and "E" buttons don't work.

Perhaps Chris will clarify.


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That's an easy one. The 796 does not cover the UHF TV band.

It also does not cover 700 MHz which, as a
band, did not exist when the 796 came out.

25-512 MHz, 806-956 MHz (cell blocked),
and 1240-1300 is what it covers.

So, everyone should have that 'problem'.

Joe M.

chrisnm3m wrote:
Has anyone had a problem where the 796 . 0 E dont work.It wont let me
enter anything.All the other buttons work and it recieves fine.I reset it
and still wont work.Thanks Chris


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Is sent a reply yesterday and it hasn't shown up yet so I will repost
it. More than likely the contact points under those keys have effectively broken
(not doing their intended operation) and need some repair. The best way I know
of is to get a circuit restore pen from radio shack and disassemble the radio to
access the back side of the key pad and circuit board, using the pen lay down
new "wiring" across the three non-working areas let it dry and then test and

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