Won't connect to computer


Anyone had this problem? BC796D won't connect to computer. It was repaired by Uniden for the same problem two years ago. No details other than they replaced IC8. I wanted to reprogram the scanner from Radio Refrence since all the local police/fire has switched to an APCO 25 system. I have tried programing by hand but I just can't get it right! I have tried two different computers & four cables. I know the cables are good because they work fine for my Kenwood TS200 & 480. But the scanner when connected to my pc will go dead. Lights go out and you hear static. Disconnect it, and lights come back on and it resumes scanning. On my laptop, you get the can't connect error message. I tried both the stock program & Proscan. Looks like it will have to go back to Uniden, but thought someone may know a fix. Already tried a reset, no change. Thanks for any help.

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