Uniden BC796D + Radioreference DB + Arc250 = Programming possible

kj6rwe <martyoh@...>

I have few questions regaring program Scanner using radiorefernce CSV DB file.

Question 1. Has anyone tried programming Radioreference DB (CSV) fle to Arc250 Software?

Questions 2. If working, is this manual process where you have to copy and past data from CSV database or point to the file and it does most of import function?

Question 3. Any helpful tips?

I have ARC250 pro version 1.100 and File > Import > only shows ICF file and MEM files.
Any help is greatly appreciated before purchasing premium membership.

1. Scanenr: Uniden BC796D
2. DB: Orange County, CA
3. Info about Uniden Legacy Software Support
4. Sample of CSV file
5. Does premium membership give unlimited access to download Database and Livefeeds?

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