Thanks for the feedback.

Dan Riley

Hi Again,

Thanks for the feedback. I realize this scanner is an older version of the Uniden line of scanners. I had a BCD396T and a BCD996T and I sold them to a member of the SEFLORIDA yahoo group. He now lives in northern Georgia. I also had a BC250D and I got rid of it a long time ago. Yes, I am a member of the SEFLORIDA group and have been for years. I asked if anyone knew about these radios and got NO replies. Yes, I do own several RS PRO-197s and a few PRO-106s. These work flawlessly. Yes, I upgraded the firmware to the latest version. Yes, the APCO card is installed in all three radios.

What I may do is write to Uniden directly and ask if they have a local tech in my area. I will work on these radios until I get them right or get rid of them. I buy and sell a lot of radios (both ham and scanners) on eBay. I am aware of the get-together from the SEFLORIDA group. Most of those guys are in Broward County and I am not able to get down there very much. I know Mike Spivak from Mike's Electronics for many, many years. He sells these latest radios. I will ask him if he knows anyone in the area to help me fix these. I don't believe any of them are defective. I just need to set them up properly.

Thanks, guys, I appreciate the help.


Dan Riley

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