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Joe M.

First, you need to verify that the P25 board is present in all three scanners.

Second, you need to perform the audio adjustment. I understand that you do not know how to do it, but that is most likely the reason for your issues (aside from the one mentioned above).

If all three were programmed, and only one is working, the issue has to be in the individual scanners.

The 796 is the first generation P25 scanner from Uniden. It is a far cry from the current P25 scanner offerings.

Joe M.

Dan Riley wrote:

Hi Group,
I have three (3) Uniden BC796Ds. I am not happy with any of them. I thought this scanner would be a good addition to my radio arsenal. Evidently, I was wrong. I know Uniden makes a good scanner but I had no idea how much trouble they would be.
Only one of these radios works the way it should. Even then, it gives me a noisy static burst when a P25 signal comes through. It annoys me very much. The audio quality is sometimes garbled when a signal comes in. I know there is an audio adjustment but the manual is useless in instructing me on how to improve it.
The other two 796Ds just sit there scanning away and not pick up a P25 signal. The Palm Beach County radio system is a trunked system. The county's system is analoged trunk. The particular city I live in is Delray Beach, Florida and the police and fire/rescue departments are digital. When I press HOLD on a specific frequency and a signal comes up on it, the scanner will pick it up very nicely. When I press SCAN, it just sits there like a bump on a log.
I had these radios programmed with PROSCAN, one of the better scanner programs out there on the market today. I have read both the 796D manual and PROSCAN instructions and both of them are like trying to read a Chinese newspaper.
Is there anyone in this group who knows these scanners well and can help me figure out what I can do to fix the problems I'm having with them? I'd be very interested in hearing what to do to remedy my situation.
Thanks in advance!
Dan Riley ------------------------------------
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