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Thanks I figured it out, its a Motorola Type II Smartnet

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How do you determine what type of trunked system a Department is
Well, there are a couple of approaches, and sometimes you have to use
more than one...

Try looking them up in one of the online databases, like That will usually indicate the system type.

Listen to the control channel -- that buzzing sound. The different
systems use different modulation methods, resulting in different sounds.
I think there are some recorded samples online that you can compare to,
but I don't recall where offhand. Anyone else know?

Try programming a minimal test system, with just the control channel in
it. Then hold on the control channel, and see if the scanner decodes it.
(You'll see an indication of the active talkgroups on the display, even
though the scanner won't switch to the voice.) First try it as a
Motorola system, and if that doesn't work try EDACS, etc. Since you're
only putting in one frequency, it doesn't talk long to reprogram it.

Anyone else have any other tips?

Gerry Wheeler <gxwheeler@e...>

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