Re: talk group id #'s

rjl <yagrps@...>

this is more of a general trunking question rather than a question
exclusively for the bc246t. let me first say that this is the first
trunktracker that i have owned. i have scanned for years but could
never justify spending $250 for my 4th scanner. well i finally bought
one and i am glad i waited until the bc246t. i carry it with me to
everywhere but the shower. anyway. my question. i have noticed that
talkgroup id's are separated by 32 (or another number); for example--
18300>18332>18364etc. Why do they just not go 18300>18301>18302
etc. ??? thanks in advance
Within the trunking system software, the talkgroups are in hexadecimal numbers.

The talkgroup IDs you see are decimal representations of the hex numbers, and will always be divisible by 16
So talkgroup E4F0 would show as 58608

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